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The Seafood Conference Iceland 2018 in Harpa.

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Thursday 15. November (10:15-17:00)

Opening Session: Successful operation in the Seafood Industry 
Session A1: The future of small boat operation in Iceland
Session B1: Design and working environment in the Groundfish processing
Session C1: Market Trends: The big picture
Session A2: Environments issues in the Seafood Industry
Session B2: Do certifications act as market access or barriers?
Session C2: Analysis of the Seafood Industry

Reception 17:00

Friday 16. November (08:30-16:00)

Session A3: Will be published at a later date
Session B3: Will be published at a later date
Session C3: Will be publisheat a later date
Session A4: Iceland leading the way?
Session B4: Solutions for decision making in the Seafood Industry
Session C4: Status and trends of the most important Groundfish markets 30 af 300px Flag of the United Kingdom
Session A5: Pelagic fishing in time of climate change
Session B5: Future technology
Session C5: Forces coming into the purchasing policy of seafood products 30 af 300px Flag of the United Kingdom
Closing session: Marketing and branding Iceland 30 af 300px Flag of the United Kingdom

The official conference language is Icelandic. Some sessions are translated into English, those are marked with the English flag.

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