Marisa Fisheries signs contract with WiseFish

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Wise and Marisa Fisheries signed a contract today at the Brussels Seafood Expo. Jón Heiðar Pálsson VP of Sales at Wise and Johnny De Boer, Director of Marisa Fisheries signed a contract to provide and implement WiseFish ERP software for Marisa Fisheries in Suriname.

Omicron, a fishing-company in Suriname, incorporated the WiseFish-software three years ago. The incorporation was implemented entirely by way of remote connection. ”Incorporating the software without having to travel all the way there saves both time and money for us, as well as for the client,“ says Jón Heiðar. The incorporation and implementation was such a success that Marisa Fisheries, decided to choose WiseFish.

Wise is the leading international developer of software solutions for the seafood industry with WiseFish, a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, as their primary product on the international market.

“WiseFish offers multiple solutions to the Seafood industry, such as WisePeripherals, the integrated trade solution, HACCP quality control, catch and quota management, traceability from raw materials to end-product. It is an end to end solution, using Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the platform, including a total ERP solution”, says Jón Heiðar Pálsson, VP of sales and marketing at Wise.

Marisa Fisheries is a Surinamese fishing company, established in 2003. The company consists of 12 bottom trawlers targeting a variety of fishes such as mackerel, snappers, kingfish, ribbonfish, croakers, weakfish, catfish etc., and is in partnership with a Surinamese processing factory called SUVVEB NV which is responsible for the processing, packaging, storage and export of the fish commissioned by this fishing company. Marisa Fisheries is currently building a new processing factory in collaboration with SUVVEB NV. The new factory, called Ocean Delight, would be circa 2500 m2 with an estimated production capacity of 15 ton fish/day that will produce high-value seafood products such as fresh and frozen whole gutted fish, pan ready fish, fillets, steaks, etc. for the local market and export to places in the Caribbean, Europe, US and Asia.

We are happy to welcome Marisa Fisheries into the WiseFish family. 

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