Wise Cloud Solutions are the key to achieving better results

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Technological revolution in vessel operation

To begin with, we must examine the desired results. This can be extremely difficult, as the speed of technological and software development has been extremely fast over the past fifteen years. With increased demands for quality, utilisation and value creation, processing plants are becoming more developed; technical equipment, the adoption of robots and software solutions are becoming an integral part of the processing of seafood products in Iceland. “One can say, without any doubt, that there has been a technological revolution in seafood operation and the processing of seafood products that has helped the Icelandic fishing industry to become a leader in this field. Icelandic fish processing plants are high-tech, and the fleet is equipped with cutting-edge technical equipment for its operations,” says Jón Heiðar.

Can access more information about the operation

Jón Heiðar adds that the digital transformation in the fisheries sector have been ongoing for some time. A lot of things have changed over the course of the thirty years that WiseFish has been developed, and it can be said that with the enormous progress that has been made in software design, technology has solved and is still solving complicated aspects within the business environment through automation and by reducing the amount of duplicated efforts and repetitive processes.

Through the electronic sending and receipt of invoices, it is possible to send invoices digitally to recipients, and lines in the invoice are automatically read into the system, therefore, automatically to the approval system. In addition, Jón Heiðar says that reports from vessels, containing information on catches and location, are likewise routed directly into the systems, thereby ensuring that it is possible to see in advance when and what will be off-loaded. Connections with peripheral devices, scales and printers have become standard equipment, thus making it possible to “eliminate” typos. Repetitions of certain work are also eliminated; information and inventory management become more accurate. By using bar codes, all management of inventory in and out from warehouses has become more consistent, as systems are as reliable as the information entered therein. All these factors have an impact on the competitiveness of a company. It is in the hands of the executive management of companies to understand that technology is not only here to stay, it is also used to the greatest possible extent by competitors. Companies in the fisheries sector now have more and more detailed information on their operations, a better overview of inventory figures, more accurate utilisation of the resource and the perfect traceability of products.

Wise Cloud Solutions are the key to achieving better results

“In a world of ever-increasing competitiveness, gaining an advantage is based on utilising the latest software technology to ensure better and more dynamic processing of data to facilitate decision making and ensure the best success in operations at any time. It has never been more important to update machines, networks and software. Wise Cloud Solutions, together with the latest software versions, is the key to achieving better results and becoming a competitive success,” says Jón Heiðar. The WiseFish software handles the management of fishing and fishing methods, how much is off-loaded and what species. The software can also be used to monitor the catch quota status and manage production processes. WiseFish can be connected to other systems such as Innova software from Marel. The system also allows connections to peripheral equipment, such as scales and hand-held computers.

Companies gain a new insight into the operation

“It is vital that managers have a good overall view of all operations. WiseFish was recently updated, and that update coincides with the Microsoft update from NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The new update includes the Microsoft Power BI analysis tool, easier access to Microsoft Outlook, easier reporting and software support for peripheral devices such as tablets. The WiseAnalyzer is furthermore essential with WiseFish; WiseAnalyzer allows businesses to easily analyse and interpret data from Microsoft Dynamics BC. New additions to WiseFish such as dynamic analyses in Power BI and WiseAnalyzer, allow businesses to view their operations in a new light. A new function of WiseFish in warehouses, compatibility with peripherals and general additions to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics BC make it possible to thoroughly study the data for streamlining as well as gain a competitive edge,” says Jón Heiðar.

“We all face having to examine our operating processes in light of available current technology. The majority of companies in the fisheries sector are well on their way to completing the renewal of their fleets, infrastructure and software solutions. Resting on one’s laurels and deciding that things have always been done in a certain way and that this has always worked says nothing of the possibility of expansion, better utilisation or the possibility of increasing the product’s value,” says Jón Heiðar and adds that “This is how we have always done it” is a dangerous sentence. At the same time, it should be noted that may companies work well in this manner and return good profits.

It is one thing to embark on the digital transformation of a company and quite another what methodology is used. One aspect that is absolutely necessary in all changes is that they need to be defined, fulfil all the values of the company and be implemented with the agreement of the management and the employees. An essential requirement for all changes is to know whether it is necessary to change and why.

Valuable market information

Jón Heiðar, moreover, says that foreign companies have increasingly been seeking to do business with Wise and have adopted WiseFish for processing and fishing operations. These companies are first and foremost seeking to obtain traceability and analysable data to gain a better overview of catches, inventories and sales traceability. The companies come from a wide range of areas, South America, Australia and Europe, and as we increasingly use cloud solutions, this simplifies all installation and management. Our employees are based in Iceland when installing WiseFish overseas, and we service our client companies from our operating units in Reykjavík and Akureyri.

“The year has been good to us, companies are increasingly updating to Business Central in order to be able to gain access to the undeniable advantage that it has with all its connections to Microsoft software, integration of e-mail systems, accounting systems and WiseFish. In addition, it provides even further possibilities of tailoring processes to the system with the Flow solution from Microsoft,” says Jón Heiðar and adds that with Flow, it is possible to tailor specialised solutions for each and every company into business processes. A good example is adding the utilisation of inventories. In such case, one asks “the system” to send an e-mail with a reminder when inventory has reached the 60-day limitation period in the warehouse. In this manner, it is possible to have a two-pronged approach to monitoring inventories and prevent the wastage of inventory and loss of product value. In addition, the system offers automatic report preparation for managers, who can program the system to send them the information they require in the form of a report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, all according to individual requirements.

It is important to ensure that data is properly managed

The vision of the future is to better utilise statistical approaches, AI and connections between devices to make WiseFish even more dynamic and reliable. Business Central already offers statistical approach – the better the data, the more accurate the decisions.

At the Seafood Conference held in Harpa, a great deal was spoken about the reliability of data, and phrases such as “rubbish in = rubbish out” could be heard in the corridors. The reliability of data plays a key role in the progress of using AI and statistical approaches, as the software feeds on the information available and has no other data to work from. Here, we again come to the importance of automation, that data is sent in digital format, from reliable systems and without much interference from external parties. As a result, it is vital to properly manage all data and to make every effort to increase reliability and speed to follow the progress of the digital transformation that is ongoing in the fisheries industry, said Jón Heiðar in closing.

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