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Set up in minutes on our cloud environment hosted in Azure

Wise now offers customers access to the whole Dynamics BC suite, including WiseFish, and it will be ready to use on our cloud environment hosted in Azure within minutes. No set-up, no servers, and no expensive hosting. Just one price, per user per month. 

Unified solution suitable for seafood companies.

Use Office 365 with Dynamics Business Central and WiseFish and you will have everything you need for your business in a single combined solution: Word, Excel, PowerBI, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Microsoft CRM, including Teams. WiseFish is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and tailored for the seafood industry. The standard Business Central installation includes customers, vendors, inventory, production and general ledger. WiseFish covers the rest of the value chain, including fishing, production, trade, warehouse, inventory management, and sales. This unified solution is suitable for seafood companies of all types and sizes, including farming.

Today, Wise has more than 2,000 corporate customers in the Azure cloud, and we have processes that help companies get started with little effort. While WiseFish is used by some of the world’s largest seafood companies, the combination of Microsoft Business Central and WiseFish can be used by companies with three users or more, all utilizing the same standard system. This functionality has been developed with the help of our customers in Iceland and worldwide. “Our customers’ ideas and suggestions help us to further develop and improve our products through a continuous improvement cycle. We pride ourselves on our good relations with all the seafood companies and traders in Iceland; the majority of them are our customers,” says Jon Heidar Palsson, CSO at Wise.

Wise Cloud Solutions are the key to achieving better results

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 “In a world of ever-increasing competitiveness, companies must utilize the latest software technology to gain an advantage and ensure better and more dynamic processing of data to facilitate decision making and achieve maximum success in operations at all times. It has never been more important to keep machines, networks, and software up to date. The latest versions of WiseFish solutions are the key to achieving better results and competitive success,” says Jon Heidar. WiseFish software provides dedicated processes for managing fishing and fishing methods and for monitoring off-loaded quantities, species caught, catch quota status and production processes.

Tradition and technology

The seafood and fisheries sector is built on tradition, connections and hard work. It has evolved over time and is now moving quickly to apply the technology associated with the latest changes – the so-called fourth industrial revolution. A growing number of fisheries are utilizing the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining to process the vast amounts of data available within their own companies and further afield.

Seafood companies gather information from their own processes and from external systems then make detailed reports available covering every phase from catch to the delivery to the end customer. Maintaining the flow of up-to-the-minute information between sales, production plants and third-party providers is crucial in order to consistently meet delivery commitments to some of the most competitive and demanding markets in the world. WiseFish and Business Central together gather information from all operations, providing a competitive advantage and a solid foundation for revenue growth and better bottom line results.

Smart processing capabilities

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Equipment for production lines is becoming increasingly smart, with higher speed and greater agility. Intelligent machines can sort, cut and pack using 3-D imaging, sonar and standard images. Machine learning brings improved precision with each fillet that passes along the production line. WiseFish Peripherals, an integral part of WiseFish, can connect to third-party systems such as Innova software from Marel. The system can also communicate with peripheral equipment such as scales and hand-held computers then automatically feed the information into the ERP system, making data capture systematic and automatic. You can use this information to gain precise insight into your business.

Wise Analyzer includes Wise Cubes, data warehouse, and Power BI. It is a standalone solution that allows businesses to analyze and visualize data from Business Central with pre-built cubes. WiseAnalyzer is an essential tool which gives the capability to easily analyze and interpret data from Microsoft Dynamics BC and gain fresh insight into corporate operations. The more you know, with accurate automated data, the greater the yield from your processes. Less stock is wasted and better opportunities will become apparent.

Can access more information about the operation

Jón Heiðar adds that the digital changes in the fisheries sector have been ongoing for some time. A lot of things have changed over the course of the 30 years that WiseFish has been under development, and it can be said that with the enormous progress that has been made in software design, technology has solved and is still solving complicated aspects within the business environment through automation and by reducing the amount of duplicated efforts and repetitive processes.

Through the electronic sending and receipt of invoices, it is possible to send invoices digitally to recipients, and lines in the invoice are automatically read into the system and sent, therefore, automatically to the approval system. In addition, Jón Heiðar says that reports from vessels, containing information on catches and location, are likewise routed directly into the systems, thereby ensuring that it is possible to see in advance when and what will be off-loaded. Connections with peripheral devices, scales and printers have become standard equipment, thus making it possible to “eliminate” typos. Repetitions of certain work are also eliminated; information and inventory management become more accurate in the systems of a company. By using bar codes, all management of inventory in and out from warehouses has become more consistent, as systems are as reliable as the information entered therein. All these factors have an impact on the competitiveness of a company. It is in the hands of the executive management of companies to understand that technology is not only here to stay, it is also used to the greatest possible extent by competitors. Companies in the fisheries sector now have more and more detailed information on their operations, a better overview of inventory figures, more accurate utilization of the resource and the perfect traceability of products.

Wise works with partners around the globe to support the seafood industry through a holistic focus on the value chain and a constant quest to build solutions that improve the fisheries sector through data and technology. This is how Wise sees the future in seafood software: a combination of Microsoft systems and effective custom processes tailored for the fisheries industry by our dedicated team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the business.

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Wisefish Seafood Software

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