About WiseFish

WiseFish is ERP software designed and developed solely for primary and value-added seafood processors, distributors, traders and fishing operations.

View our factsheet:

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    • Lower costs, improve food safety and manage compliance
    • One-click, end-to-end lot traceability and notification  
    • Multiple language and multiple currency
    • Core strengths in manufacturing for irregular weight and batch process manufacturers
    • Specialized fishing and crew settlement modules available
    • Can be deployed in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or on your own servers
    • Tablet and touch-optimized user experience - access and process data regardless of location or device
    • Personalized home pages let you view key performance indicators at a glance
    • Sophisticated color coding and live data alerts help you prioritize actions

What's new in WiseFish?


Item Tracing over Multiple Processing Stages

Item traceability over multiple processing stages and throughout the value chain:

2017 03 27 08 33 16


Sales Contribution Overview

Multilevel sales contribution overview:

2017 03 27 08 36 47


Sales Agreement Cost Analysis

Detailed cost analysis per sales document:

2017 03 27 08 57 47


Fishing Trips Key Figure Reporting

Key figure reporting for fishing trips:

2017 03 27 09 00 56


Delivery Agreements Performance Indicators

Graphical performance indicators for company's main activities:

 2017 03 27 09 06 30


Available to Promise (ATP)

Item Overview:

WF ATP 2017 for web


Fishing Trips Performance Categories

FT Raw Materials Performance, FT Product Performance, FT Trade Item Performance:

FT RAW Material for web


Statistical Analysis by Global Dimension

The analyses by global dimension components (related to item and general ledger) are now accessible from the department menu.

 WF Statistical Analysis by Global Dimension

Accessible from the home ribbon

The analyses by global dimension components (related to item ledger) are accessible from the home ribbon of WF role centres.

WF ENS Ribbon

Purchase Agreements

A new action has been added in purchase agreements that allows users to split large batches of goods to be received onto multiple receiving agreement lines and thus post smaller quantities into a number of reasonably sized traceable item tracking lots - for example one RA line per transport container.

wf purchase agreement create mult