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Complete crew settlement, Catch and Quota Management

WiseFish offers affordable, integrated software for the Fishing Industry. Record complete catch information, including special handling, catch area, and size and quality grades, all integrated with trip costs for official reporting compliance and customer traceability. Includes tools for Quota Management and reporting.  Retain the crew roster and calculate the settlement for each vessel and trip.  Catch can be landed directly into inventory. Industry-specific functionality includes the ability to allocate and settle landing fees, harbour fees and taxes, and other user-defined vessel or fleet-specific tolls and expenses. 

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Check out our video: WiseFish Fishing

Check out our video: WiseFish Quota

    • Vessel and Vendor Management
    • Advanced Production Planning
    • Detailed Catch Recording 
    • Fisher Settlement
    • Trip Costs
    • Quota Management
    • Environmental Traceability and Eco-Harvesting 
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Land catch directly into inventory and calculate quota.
    • Fishing trips of boats from private fishers can also be tracked for a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain.
    • Allocate and track catch for production planning before settling the trip.
    • Fully assign all associated trip costs and integrate them into your accounting and costing data.
    • Any quality inspections associated with the trip are retained and can be quickly identified from the vessel/lot level through to production and sale.
    • Special equipment, fishing area, and quality measures can be recorded along with the catch line and area, providing full documentation to satisfy environmental certification records and quality buyer schemes.
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Wisefish Seafood Software

  • Wisefish Dynamics NAV

    Dynamics NAV

    Fully integrated ERP for small
    and medium sized businesses

  • Wisefish Peripherals


    Scales, scanners, labelling 
    and barcoding
  • Wisefish Fishing


    Complete catch recording 
    and quota management
  • Wisefish Production


    Production planning, 
    inventory control and costing
  • Wisefish Trade


    Sales, Purchases, CRM, and Freight
  • Wisefish Quality


    Full recall traceability and 
    quality monitoring