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Production and processing software for seafood producers 

WiseFish has a detailed production system where full traceability is maintained from raw materials to end products. Raw materials are fed into production lots (and possibly to Production Agreements) and either WIP-items or final products are created as output to those same lots. When using WIP-items, Lot Stages can be maintained to track yield between production stages.

Handheld devices can be used to feed raw material (or WIP-items) into processing stages. WisePeripherals (or similar systems) can be used to create Trade Items, and Handheld devices can then be used to scan Trade Items onto pallets. During production Trade Items and Pallets can be directly connected to Production and/or Delivery Agreements, so that f.ex. the sales and logistics departments can instantly see how orders are being fulfilled, and action taken to move products between orders based on customer priority.

All production costs (both direct and indirect) can be recorded in the Production Contribution functionality so that full contribution info can be distributed upon the production lots and viewed.

  • Supports production of WIP items and finished goods.
  • Supports consumption of raw material and WIP items, tracking yield between production stages.
  • Integration with WisePeripherals and Innova supports instantaneous registration of production.
  • Produced Trade items can be directly assigned to Production and/or Delivery Agreements.
  • Production Lots maintain full traceability throughout WiseFish.
  • Additional production cost can be recorded in a Production Contribution functionality.
  • Integration with standard NAV inventory and costing.

Short Demo about Production and processing from WiseFish 2017 

- Fetch production information from peripheral devices into journals for posting.
- Create uniquely identified production units in the pallet system.
- Complete lot traceability with QA Hold and QA Lock statuses.
- Production forecasts determine the most profitable processing lines.
- Production orders to manage in-time production to stock or to orders.
- Contribution Analysis revealing key figures from production - both estimated and actual.
- Analyze the details in sales value and production costs to find the bottom line.


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Check out our video: WiseFish Production

Check out our video: WiseFish Item Setup

    • Inventory Management
    • Supports multiple Catch Weight and Standard Case Inventory
    • Primary and Value Added Processing
    • Packaging Traceability
    • HACCP Compliant Quality Control
    • Automated Data Collection
    • Bill of Materials
    • Complete Product Costing
    • End-to-end Traceability
    • Accurately record the receipt and usage of raw material/work in progress and all associated costs.
    • Monitor profitability margins on-demand.
    • At-a-glance inventory status. Each component used in production, including packaging, can be closely tracked to its own lot number.
    • Complete and flexible product assembly lists streamline planning and production processes.
    • Record production output and raw material consumption separately, at the same time, or as multi-staged WIP. 
    • Allocate a single raw material batch to multiple products by quantity or sales value.
    • Assign some items as no or low value co-products or byproducts. 
    • Flexibly assign and track labor or other variable costs by production batch.
    • Box or Pallet level detail with optional barcode enabled identification.

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Wisefish Seafood Software

  • Wisefish Dynamics NAV

    About WiseFish

    Fully integrated ERP for small
    and medium sized businesses

  • Wisefish Peripherals


    Scales, scanners, labelling 
    and barcoding
  • Wisefish Fishing


    Complete catch recording 
    and quota management
  • Wisefish Production


    Production planning, 
    inventory control and costing
  • Wisefish Trade


    Sales, Purchases, CRM, and Freight
  • Wisefish Quality


    Full recall traceability and 
    quality monitoring