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A powerful solution for fish traders and distributors

Wisefish Trade System - A single source of truth

The Wisefish Trade system is a leading solution designed specifically for fish traders and distributors. With its advanced traceability functionality, this solution makes it easy to track every step of the supply chain, from purchase to delivery.

The system is user-friendly and provides valuable insights into purchasing prices, transportation costs, and financial details of every sale. With this solution, users can monitor the profitability of each transaction, make informed decisions, and optimize their business processes.

The software also provides real-time data on inventory levels, enabling users to manage their stock efficiently. 



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Sales and Profit Analysis

Manage all costs including shipping, outside storage, handling and loading fees, 3rd party accruals, and currency exchange.

- Create single delivery agreements for on-the-spot sales. - Add estimated sales costs manually, or via pre-defined cost templates. - View cost analysis for each sale, showing contribution in both local currency and agreement currency.


End-to-end traceability and transparency along the whole supply chain.

- Open the Recall Analysis view to find all related products that might be of risk. - Direct access to recorded quality inspections associated with lot or specific pallet. - Use buttons to trace inventory back and forward.

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