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sanford logoABOUT THE COMPANY:

Sanford Limited is a large seafood company established over 100 years ago. It operates a large fleet of various types of fishing vessels, e.g. long liners, freezer trawlers etc.

The company has 5 processing factories located in New Zealand, and owns a large portion of the total allowable catch around New Zealand. Fish farming is also a part of Sanford’s activity, both salmon farming and green shell mussel farming.


Sanford has a sales division that sells their own products around the world. Being a fishing-, processing- and sales company focusing entirely on fish, Sanford is one of the largest users of WiseFish in the world. The latest addition to WiseFish at Sanford is called WisePeripherals; software designed to be a bridge between WiseFish and scales/scanners.

Sanford has been using WiseFish since April 2004. Sanford uses practically every detail of WiseFish. Focus on the built-in Quota System is major, crew payments are also a large factor and the complexity of having many fish factories, sending fish between them and keeping track & traceability of all that activity has been a great challenge. Sales contracts, and sales in general are also complex at Sanford.

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