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Screenshot 2015 11 25 11.05.57ABOUT THE COMPANY:

Today Brim Seafood plays a significant part in the Icelandic fishing industry. It manages the freezer trawlers Brimnes RE 27, Gudmundur i Nesi RE 13 and Kleifaberg OF 2. At present Brim employs a little over 200 people altogether and for the present quota year has been allocated 6 thousand metric tonnes of cod equivalents for a variety of species.

Brim always has emphasised the importance of owning and utilizing reliable and good vessels. In the near future the goal was to renovate the fishing fleet in accordance with new projects and modern demands of efficient management, high quality in raw material, good working environment for the fishermen and at the same time meet the required standards in environmental standards. The fish processing plants owned by the company are equipped with the latest technical innovations at all given times and the company prides itself in first rate facilities which ensure top quality production in an excellent working environment.


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Brim hf.
Fiskislóð 14
101 Reykjavík

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tel: +354 580 4200