• WiseFish Aquaculture

    WiseFish Aquaculture
    Combine biological data captured in AKVA group’s premier Fishtalk Control software with the advanced accounting features...
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  • WiseFish Fishing

    WiseFish Fishing 
    Instill customer confidence by capturing complete catch information, including special handling, catch area, and size...
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  • WiseFish Processing

    WiseFish Processing
    seamlessly integrates inventory control, quality inspections, lot tracking, catch weight management, EDI and expiration date manag...
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  • WiseFish Traders - Sale & Distribution

    WiseFish Trade
    From one-screen inquiry on the order for inventory available to promise to automated shipping time calculations built in to the delivery date estimate...
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  • WiseFish Traceability - Quality Control

    WiseFish Quality
    The Quality monitoring component in WiseFish is fully compliant with ISO Standards and HACCP specifications.
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  • WiseFish and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 
    offers integrated ERP business applications and services that allow organizations to streamline their business and increase productivity...
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