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Scales, Scanners, Labelling, Barcoding

wf peripherals


HACCP Compliant Quality Inspections, Quality Reporting

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Sales, Purchases, CRM, Freight

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Planning, Production, Costing, Inventory

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Catch Registration, Quota Management

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Dynamics NAV

Complete ERP for small and medium sized businesses

Leaders in On-Premise and Cloud ERP Solutions for Seafood

WiseFish is ERP software designed and developed solely for primary and value-added  seafood processors, distributors, traders, and fishing operations

  • Lower costs, improve food safety and manage compliance
  • One-click, end-to-end lot traceability and notification  
  • Multiple language and multiple currency
  • Core strengths in manufacturing for irregular weight and batch process manufacturers
  • Specialized fishing and crew settlement modules available
  • Can be deployed in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or on your own servers
  • Tablet and touch-optimized user experience - access and process data regardless of location or device
  • Personalized home pages let you view key performance indicators at a glance
  • Sophisticated color coding and live data alerts help you prioritize actions

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Latest News

  • We've got the coffee on - stop on by Booth 1271 at the Boston International Seafood Show

    The WiseDynamics team (Booth 1271) is excited to show off the latest release of WiseFish 2015, Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our industry-leading ERP accounting and business management software for seafood distributors, processors, brokers, and traders.

    Highlights of our latest release:

    Accessibility from wherever you are from any device

    • Tablet and touch-optimized user experience lets you access company data and processes regardless of location or what device you choose to use. New Microsoft Dynamics NAV tablet applications are available now from the Windows, Apple, and Google app stores.
    • Personalized home pages let you view your most important business data and key performance indicators at a glance. Sophisticated color coding and live data alerts help users prioritize actions and stay productive.
    • Additional optimization to deploy in the cloud on Microsoft Azure and with Office 365 to lower costs, increase flexibility, and boost employee productivity.

    For more information, contact our WiseFish team at +(902) 482-2663 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Find us at the Boston International Seafood Show, Booth 1271

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Highlights

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is now available and offers impressive new capabilities to help small and mid-sized organizations grow their businesses in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Here are 10 of the hottest new features and functionality NAV 2015 has to offer:

    1. New touch-first user experience

    There’s an app for that! With this release, new Microsoft Dynamics NAV tablet applications are available now from the Windows, Apple, and Google app stores. Users can access their company data and processes regardless of location or device.

    2. Better display of key business data

    Color is one of the best ways to get someone’s attention. When your system makes you aware of issues or successes, that’s powerful and drives action. Personalized home pages allow users easy access to the most important business data and key performance indicators (KPIs) with enhanced cues. At a glance, color coding and live data allow users to prioritize efforts and stay productive.

    3. The data you want the way you want it

    Business Intelligence is one of the hottest demands by business leaders.   With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 you get the Power BI tools to tap into the full potential of big data insights collected through critical business processes. Power BI extends the capabilities of Excel allowing you to analyze and visualize your data using Excel. And, enhanced Business Intelligence dashboards allow you to better visualize and analyze your numbers. 

    4. Totals on the document pages

    Finally! Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and more can now have the totals displayed at the bottom instead of using the Statistics window. Simple and effective!

    5. Documents can be formatted with Word Document Templates

    With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, users can now customize and create their own document reports in familiar Microsoft Word. Along with the Microsoft Word add-in, the solution also comes with a set of predefined templates that users can either use or modify to fit their needs. Modified templates can then easily be imported into NAV for immediate use.

    6. Schedule reports with one click

    This feature allows the end user to schedule any report to run and appear in a new section of the Role Center called Report Inbox. Just think… AR Trial Balance and Inventory Valuation reports! The output of the report can be as a PDF, Word or Excel document for printing or a processing only report. How handy is that?

    7. Rapid Start Upgrades – convenient and cost effective

    NAV 2015 includes several enhancements to optimize performance and provide a more convenient way to define, automate, troubleshoot and run updates and upgrades, making them more cost effective.

    8. Quicker cash collection

    A Bank Data Conversion Service on Microsoft Azure enables automatic processes for electronic payments, payment reconciliation, and bank account reconciliation right in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Take your statements from inside NAV and export payments to your bank.

    9. Mandatory fields for greater productivity

    By designating certain fields as mandatory (shown in red) data entry is easier and faster, allowing users to know exactly which fields require input.

    10. Simplified User Interface

    Sometimes less is better. To simplify the users’ experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, a new feature has been introduced, the UI Elements Removal feature. This feature can be used to remove user interface (UI) elements, such as fields and actions from pages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV so that the Role Center and pages become simpler to look at and easier to navigate.

  • Take the Quiz: “Do I Really Need an ERP System?”

    To help you understand whether an ERP system is required to help you run your business, we created the following quiz, which contains some of the most important questions a company should answer when thinking about buying an ERP system.

    For each answer, you will receive a number of points. At the end of the quiz, add up your points to calculate your final score.

    1. How much duplicate or manual data entry does your company perform on a daily basis? (e.g., entering received payments in both the accounting system and spreadsheet software).

    1. 0 to 30 percent of my work (0 points)
    2. 31 to 60 percent of my work (5 points)
    3. 61 percent or more (10 points)

    2. If you faced an audit tomorrow, what are the chances you can produce or recover the required information easily?

    1. No chance. (10 points)
    2. It might be possible. We sometimes back up data on CD/DVD or external hard drives but the information would takes weeks to locate and assemble. (5 points)
    3. No problem. We have a central database repository of all critical information. (0 points)

    3. How easily can you exchange information between employees? With your customers or vendors?

    1. We send files by e-mail, but we often lose track of different versions or cannot find the files. (10 points)
    2. We share drives and try to be organized. (5 points)
    3. We have an e-mail and share-point server and we all use it. (0 points)

    4. How easily can you report on KPI’s (key performance indicators) from all points of your company?

    1. We try to gather data from everyone, but we have to cobble the information together. (10 points)
    2. My employees send me reports and we try to keep track of what we do. (5 points)
    3. We have very well defined workflows and work procedures. (0 points)

    5. . How do you track inventory and assets?

    1. On paper and in spreadsheets. (10 points)
    2. We use spreadsheets in conjunction with old software which is not very reliable. (5 points)
    3. We already have a software system that is suited to our needs and can perform an inventory trace in a single report. (0 points)

    Here’s how you should interpret your answers:

    0 to 15 points: You have a system or package of tools that are quite efficient. Even though a more integrated solution might help you in your daily tasks, the investment required probably outweighs the benefits.

    15 to 25 points: The solutions or tools you are using are either obsolete or lack the complexity required by your business processes. Although they may be useable, you should start looking to implement an ERP product in the near future.

    25 to 50 points: You need an ERP system and you need it badly.

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