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Software for the modern seafood business

Rethink the way you manage your seafood operation with WiseFish.

Manage full traceability from source to plate

WiseFish supports the entire value chain from sourcing to plate. It offers product traceability, implementation of quality standards and automated flow of information that ensures you have the full picture of your business in front of you.

Harvesting and Sourcing

Manage fishing operations, harvesting and purchasing. Have complete overview of your vendor relationships and see real time information on incoming catch or orders. WiseFish gives you full traceability of raw materials and products as they flow through your operations and to your customers.

Processing and Handling

Plan and control processing for maximum yield and efficiency in real time. Keep track of quality and ensure compliance with food safety regulations and certifications (MSC, HACCAP and more). Integrate with your production systems and third-party equipment to automate flow of information.

Sales and Distribution

Knowing exactly what, when and where you have products available enables you to better service your sales team and earn you more business. Powerful management of order processing, automated information flow and overview of your supply chain puts you in control.

Subscription Plan

The WiseFish subscription plan is designed with flexibility and customization in mind.

Developed by Industry Experts

WiseFish is developed and supported by a group of experts in multiple offices and several countries. It is backed by a large team of specialists, should you need training, consultation or help in making the most of the functionality offered by the system. Used by leading seafood businesses in over 20 countries around the world the system offers flexibility and capabilities that are derived from decades of experience and knowledge of best practices.

Integrate with Third Party Systems

Integration with third-party systems and peripherals is second nature to WiseFish. With all kind of handheld and mobile devices being the tools of the trade, WiseFish either runs on it or integrates with it.


Built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP

WiseFish is developed by Wise Solutions. Wise Solutions offers Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP systems and add-ons and is a Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple awards and accolades to its name. WiseFish is in constant development and as new requirements surface the system is updated to ensure that you have access to best practices and leading edge technology.

Select a system that can scale and support your growth

Whether you need a single user system or a large-scale enterprise solution with global reach, a cloud hosted WiseFish system with accounting and CRM functionality from Microsoft, is your trusted partner. You decide if you buy and install on-site or if you prefer to pay a monthly subscription and host your solution in the Cloud. You are in the driving seat and the system can grow with you as your needs expand.

WiseFish Seafood ERP is a feature rich solution

  • Available to Promise inventory management
  • Sales Contracts and Orders that convert into Purchase or Production Orders
  • Simple and fast order entry with Document management and support for 3PL warehousing and order fulfillment
  • Catch Weight inventory and Warehouse management
  • Cost allocation for accurate cost and margin calculations
  • Electronic traceability
  • Integrates fully with scanners, bar code printers and third party systems
  • Fully featured Quality Control system compliant with certification programs like HACCP, GFSI, FSMA, and SQF
  • Comes as a part of an ERP system including enterprise accounting, receivables, and payables management and CRM capabilities.
  • Lot attributes

And much more!

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