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About WiseFish

WiseFish is ERP software designed and developed solely for primary and value-added seafood processors, distributors, traders and fishing operations.

Why WiseFish?
WiseFish is a fully integrated Dynamics Business Central (NAV) extension, which ensures that fishing operations, dissection production and product sales are handled in a completely traceable manner. With Sales Agreements, full control of customer relations for repeat business can be maintained.

Integrated to Dynamics Business Central (NAV)
WiseFish supplements the standard functionality of Dynamics Business Central (NAV) by ensuring that inventory can be created as GS1 traceable units. All stock values are handled within standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) in the Inventory and G/L value tables. WiseFish is developed on top of the standard ERP solution, Dynamic Business Central (NAV), with full integration. All WiseFish stock quantities are stored in WiseFish tables that are connected to the Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV) inventory.

Subscription plan
The WiseFish subscription plan is designed with flexibility and customization in mind. Monthly fees for software updates and service access.

Key benefits of subscription

  • Enterprise-grade security, availability and elasticity
  • Flexibility
  • Expenses are known
  • No capital intensive up-front costs for software licenses
  • Option to have a variable number of users each month
  • Minimal installation and deployment costs

 How can WiseFish impact your business?

  • Lower costs, improve food safety and manage compliance
  • Manage Sales Agreements, register sale by reservation, reserve to registered sale
  • One-click, end-to-end lot traceability and notification
  • Can be deployed in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or on your own servers
  • Tablet and touch-optimized user experience - access and process data regardless of location or device

Great inventory handling and tracking
Multiple ways of entering stock into WiseFish, such as through Fishing Trips or through connected external production systems like Wise Peripherals, Innova from MarelTrackwell, or Fishmarkets. They all utilize the WiseFish Trade Item front end to the Business Central (NAV) inventory system.

WiseFish in the Cloud
WiseFish is a certified Microsoft solution and has been sold for over 25 years worldwide. As a native Microsoft product, the system provides seamless integration with MS Outlook, Word and Excel.

The WiseFish subscription plan
Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, WiseFish is the ideal solution for seafood companies that want their ERP system to conform to their conditions and terms. When you choose the WiseFish subscription plan, you get to choose whether to install the software on-site or have it hosted. It provides customers with the fluidity that comes with adjusting the number of users per month, and thus keeping cost down.
The WiseFish subscription plan is set up with monthly fees for software, updates and service access.

Available WiseFish subscription modules
WiseFish Software:

  • Fishing
  • Processing
  • Trade and distribution
  • Export
  • Logistics
  • Peripherals and Connector
  • Aquaculture
  • Quality

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