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Information on websites owned by Wise lausnir ehf. [Wise],, and are published to the best of Wise’s knowledge at any given time. Wise does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, whether it comes from Wise or a third party. Information is subject to change without notice.
Information on Wise’s websites are of a general nature. Wise owns the copyright pertaining to information published on its websites unless otherwise stated.

Wise uses cookies to ensure the best possible experience for users of its website,, and to improve the services provided by Wise and others.

Cookies are information packets that web browsers store at the request of web servers. When the browser later requests a web page from the same web server, the cookie is sent with the request to the server. The web server can then use this information from the browser for further processing. Cookies often contain information about user settings, visit statistics, logged-in user IDs, etc. Cookies are also often necessary to be able to offer various functions and prevent hacking attacks. The browser deletes the cookie when it expires. Each cookie is tied to the web server that sent the cookie, and only that web server can see the cookie.

Cookies allow Wise to send certain information to users’ browsers, which can facilitate users’ access to a variety of features. Cookies do not contain personal information but may contain text, numbers and dates, for example. By accepting Wise’s use of cookies, Wise is authorized, among other things, to tailor searches and services to the website’s visitors in accordance with their previous use and identification, to remember previous actions, to develop and improve the services of the websites, and and to collect information about network traffic and how the website is used.

If you are concerned about the use of any cookies on the website, you can block them or delete them from your browser. Doing so may impair the functionality of the website.

You can block the use of cookies in the settings section of the browser you use. Most browsers provide instructions on how to disable cookies. Instructions are also available on how to disable cookies by clicking here.


Wise uses Google Analytics to monitor activity on its website. When a user enters the site, several items are recorded, including time and date, keywords, the site the visitor came from, the type of browser and the operating system. This information can be used to improve the website and its development. The processing of information contained in Google’s cookies is subject to Google’s privacy policy.


Our site uses cookies to provide with the best experience. By continuing using this site you agree to our cookie policy. Refer to our terms and conditions

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