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Plan and control processing for maximum yield and efficiency in real time.





Production and processing software for seafood producers

WiseFish has a detailed production system where full traceability is maintained from raw materials to end products. Raw materials are fed into production lots (and possibly to Production Agreements) and either WIP-items or final products are created as output to those same lots. When using WIP-items, Lot Stages can be maintained to track yield between production stages.

Handheld devices can be used to feed raw material (or WIP-items) into processing stages. WisePeripherals (or similar systems) can be used to create Trade Items, and Handheld devices can then be used to scan Trade Items onto pallets. During production Trade Items and Pallets can be directly connected to Production and/or Delivery Agreements, so that f.ex. the sales and logistics departments can instantly see how orders are being fulfilled, and action taken to move products between orders based on customer priority.

All production costs (both direct and indirect) can be recorded in the Production Contribution functionality so that full contribution info can be distributed upon the production lots and viewed.

  • Supports production of WIP items and finished goods.
  • Supports consumption of raw material and WIP items, tracking yield between production stages.
  • Integration with WisePeripherals and Innova supports instantaneous registration of production.
  • Produced Trade items can be directly assigned to Production and/or Delivery
  • Production Lots maintain full traceability throughout WiseFish.
  • Additional production cost can be recorded in a Production Contribution functionality.
  • Integration with standard NAV inventory and costing.

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