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HACCP Compliant Quality Control


HACCP Compliant Quality Control - speedy recall process

Full HACCP and ISO Compliance

Food Safety standards and compliance regulations are increasingly stringent. While government legislation has long been implemented, your customers now require even more rigid quality control through third party audits, SQF, or other recognized programs. Easily meet the quality challenge with information-driven workflow which supports your business goals.

The Quality monitoring component of WiseFish is fully compliant with HACCP specifications and helps you to meet the most rigorous safety standards and certifications. Define an inspection for each established critical control point, designate each parameter that must be monitored in the inspection, set the range of acceptable values that each defined parameter must meet, and automatically display a corrective action when a monitored condition falls out of the acceptable specified range.

- Define company specific inspections according to it's HACCP plan.
- Select the exact object of inspection - whether it is an equipment, a batch of raw materials, WiP goods or finished goods ready to be sold (barcoded pallet).
- Define quality items of various sorts; Comments, Yes/No answers, Real values in any unit of measure, References, Grades on a scale, Calculation items.
- Set danger limits for inspection results - maximum and minimum - and demand specific actions for values off limits.



- Set up completely customized inspections that include automated corrective actions to enforce your HACCP plan

- Bi-directional track and trace

- Lot and expiry management to minimize risk

- Document retention

- Electronic record keeping regulatory compliance

- Audit trail

- Speedy recall process

- End- to end traceability from vessel or vendor to customer

- Integrated with MS Outlook for rapid response


Key Benefits

- Enforce corrective actions at any stage of material movement from vessel or fish farm right through to customer shipping with built in quality procedures.
- Inspections linked to the lot, vessel, vendor, and sales record.
- Track packaging as well as raw materials used in production in compliance with the latest regulatory environment.
- Full quality reporting and document retention to satisfy the most thorough external audit.
- Fully complies with the FDA’s CFR Part 11 electronic record keeping rules.
- Secure, computer-generated, time-stamped independent audit trail for actions that modify or delete electronic records. This audit trail is required by any FDA audit.

- Quality hold is available, where products or materials listed cannot be traded until the hold expires or is released otherwise.

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