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Software built for fishing, vessels, and people

Catch and quota management with complete crew settlement

Simplify your management needs

Record complete catch information, including special handling, catch area, and size and quality grades, all integrated with trip costs for official reporting compliance and customer traceability.

The system handles both ice-fishing (fresh raw material landed in various containers or bulk) and freezer trawler production. Includes tools for Quota Management and reporting. 

Retain the crew roster and calculate the settlement for each vessel and trip.  Catch can be landed directly into inventory. Industry-specific functionality includes the ability to allocate and settle landing fees, harbor fees and taxes, and other user-defined vessel or fleet-specific tolls and expenses. 

• Fishing handles both landings of raw material and freezer trawler production.

• Possibility of handling own vessels and/or 3rd party vessels. Landings from 3rd party vessels can be combined into one purchase.

• Internal sales handle the sale of the catch from fishing operations to the factory.

• Quota rules can be setup and quota levels maintained via the fishing module.

• Crew and crew costs are maintained per fishing trip and can be imported into payroll system.

• Catch can be imported from external sources, such as Trackwell or XML documents.

• Wisefish fishing trips are fully integrated with both Wisefish and NAV inventory and NAV Purchases & Sales.

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