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Trusted warehouse management software

Are you looking for trusted warehouse management software that meets your needs and requirements?

WiseFish Warehouse is developed for seafood producers, wholesalers and buyers and has all the time saving functions of an exemplary warehouse and then some.

Our Warehouse solution will help you streamline your business processes from the moment the goods are in and scanned into their storage place, to the moment they need to be shipped or moved.

The built-in functions such as Receipt Agreements and Shipment Agreements make all transitions smooth and effortless.

The trade items in the WiseFish Warehouse module are of two kinds: Own items and Storage items, making it effortless to extend your services and offer third party storage.


Management of pallets and their related trade items within a warehouse.

  1. In the registration for the transfer pallets, the zone & bin is assigned to the pallet & their related trade items and the information about their position is therefore at hand any time desired.
  2. A designated user interface is provided to enable application of a barcode gun in the registration for the transfer of pallets between zones & bins, where pallets and bins have been barcoded.
  3. An activity log is kept for all movements on each pallet. Even when the pallet has not yet been created or posted at reception.


Reception of pallets and their related trade items.

  1. For storage items, a storage receipt agreement is used for registration and posting of the reception.
  2. For own items, conventional procedures in WF apply for producing or buying related goods to be stored in the warehouse.
  3. A put-away functionality to support a procedural step-by-step movements of the goods to be received into the storage room of the warehouse, is on the WiseFish road map.


Registration of trade items in storage receipt agreement.

For the creation of the trade items in the reception, a registration of trade item inbound lines is required before the posting of the warehouse receipt agreement and its related trade items, can be executed successfully.

There are two ways of creating the trade item inbound lines:

  • Trade Item Lines: A manual registration of the prerequisites for the creation of the corresponding trade items at the posting of the storage receipt. This is done more or less in familiar way as is currently available for the TI inbound lines in the receipt agreement, when purchasing trade items.
  • Scan Pallets Into Trade Item Inbound Line: Automatically creation of the trade item inbound line by scanning incoming pallets using their barcode and pallet definition for the related item no. in registration.


Shipping of pallets and their related trade items.

  1. For storage items, a storage shipment agreement is used for registration and posting of the shipment.
  2. For own items, conventional procedures in WiseFish applies for selling related goods to be dispatched out of the warehouse.
  3. A picking functionality is provided to support a procedural step-by-step movements of the goods to be dispatched out of the warehouse.

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