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Wisefish Stream

Tracking at all stages

Every step of the way

For most companies, tracking and traceability play an inherent role in the production. Wisefish Stream is applied at every step of the way, throughout production to sales and transportation.

Wisefish Stream is placed in strategic positions, connecting to scales and production systems on the shop floor, feeding live data to the Wisefish system.

Handhelds in reception, production, export etc. are also connected. All the way to the pallet loading and delivery trucks.

The system can produce sales contracts and even keep track of fulfillment of contracts.

Friction free solutions for scanners, scales, printers, and more. 

Key benefits and features


  • Streamlined Data Capture

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity

  • Enhanced Inventory Management

  • Quality Control and Traceability

  • Seamless Supply Chain Integration


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