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Wise partners with Triangel

Wise is a proud partner with Triangel in Norway, a partnership that further expands our global partner network. Wise works with partners around the globe to support the seafood industry through a holistic focus on the value chain and a constant quest to build solutions to increase sales and improve efficiency in the fisheries and seafood sector.

“We are very pleased with Wise partnership with Triangel, a leader in business development and digitalization in Norway, making it the best option for our global efforts with WiseFish,” said Stefan Thor Stefansson, CCO of Wise.

The drive for real-time information has an impact on the competitiveness of a company. It is important that business leaders understand that technology is not only here to stay but also it is evolving rapidly, and this technology is probably used to the greatest possible extent by competitors. Companies in the fisheries sector now have detailed information on their operations in real-time, a better overview of inventory figures, and accurate utilization of the resource and the perfect traceability of products.

For more than two decades, Wise has been the information technology partner of choice for many of the largest and most prominent seafood organizations in the industry. Wise and partners provide their customers with the tools and resources they need to increase profitability and streamline business processes while keeping pace with an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. WiseFish product development team has great knowledge and experience in the sector. The product is a fully integrated Dynamics Business Central (NAV) extension, which ensures that fishing operations, dissection production, and product sales handled in a traceable manner.

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