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Become our trusted partner

We provide our partners with all the resources and support to
successfully implement and support Wisefish solutions.

Become our partner

At Wisefish we understand the importance of building strong partnerships. We look for exceptional partners that bring value to our customers with the mindset to help them succeed in their seafood operations.

Our partner program offers a unique opportunity for reselling partners to expand their business by offering the Wisefish solutions, together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, to their customers in the seafood industry.

By joining our program, reselling partners will receive competitive pricing, dedicated support, and access to exclusive training and resources. Additionally, partners will benefit from our global marketing and lead generation efforts, which will help them grow their customer base and increase revenue. We are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

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Wisefish offers the following support to its reselling partners

· Partner Program: Incentives to close deals and rewards for efforts and outstanding performance.

· Training: To ensure that Wisefish reselling partners are well equipped to sell and support the Wisefish solution, our partners undertake product training as part of their onboarding.

· Marketing support: To equip partners with all they need for their local branding and marketing efforts, we provide our reselling partners with [marketing materials, case studies, and product demos].

· Sales support: To help partners close deals we provide reselling partners with product information, sales tools, sales support, and pre-sales consultancy on request.

· Technical support: To back up our partners in their support to Wisefish customers we provide product related technical support through the Wisefish Partner service desk.

In return we ask from our reselling partners

· They are reputable Microsoft Dynamics partners with a track record of delivering exceptional customer service.

· They invest in our partnership by engaging resources in Wisefish sales and product training, to gain a good understanding of the Wisefish solution and be able to demonstrate their knowledge to customers.

· They are focused on providing outstanding customer service and support and have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

· With their access to Wisefish´ marketing support they effectively market the Wisefish solution in their market and promote the solution to potential customers.

· They keep up to date with the latest developments and can deliver the best possible service to customers.

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