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 For most companies, tracking and traceability play an inherent role.

WiseFish Tracking at all stages

For most companies, tracking and traceability play an inherent role in the production. WisePeripherals is applied at every step of the way, throughout production to sales and transportation.

WisePeripherals is placed in strategic positions, connecting to scales and production systems on the shop floor, feeding live data to the WiseFish system. Handhelds in reception, production, export etc. are also connected. All the way to the pallet loading and delivery trucks.

The system can produce towards sales contracts or towards inventory and even keeps track of ful-filment of contracts.

WisePeripherals are applications that run outside of WiseFish and integrate with:

- Scales through serial or TCP / IP ports

- Scanners through USB, keyboard wedge, or serial port.

- Barcode printers – Use BarTender labelling software - the world's leading design and print software for labels, barcodes, and RFID tags.

- Dynamics NAV/WiseFish database (Connected to SQL Server through ODBC).

-Marel’s Innova Integration Services

Gather real-time production floor data and instantly update the WiseFish database.



- Streamlined data collection process through barcoding and machine interfaces

- Accuracy of inventory at all levels, including raw material usage and yield

- Ensured end-to-end traceability

- Elimination of manual data entry errors and omissions

- Real-time production reporting to ERP system

- Visibility of product available-to-ship for sales staff and for manufacturing planning and scheduling


Key Benefits

- Works with any hardware - WisePeripherals can work with hardware from various vendors so, when it is time to upgrade plant hardware, you are not forced to purchase from one particular hardware vendor but are instead free to choose the most cost effective option.

- Improved traceability and yield accuracy – trace the end product by the production day/shift as well as the raw materials back to the fishing trip/farm harvest for each box or bin that is created, all the way through to final sale.

- Less data entry - data doesn’t need to be keyed in or entered in multiple systems, reducing the time spent entering data and data entry errors.

- Flexibility - wireless handheld applications can work with wireless scanners, enhanced by the standard WisePeripherals functionality which was designed to work on a factory touch screen terminal.

Harvesting and Sourcing

Manage fishing operations, harvesting and purchasing. Have complete overview of your vendor relationships and see real time information on incoming catch or orders. WiseFish gives you full traceability of raw materials and products as they flow through your operations and to your customers.

Processing and Handling

Plan and control processing for maximum yield and efficiency in real time. Keep track of quality and ensure compliance with food safety regulations and certifications (MSC, HACCAP and more). Integrate with your production systems and third-party equipment to automate flow of information.

Sales and Distribution

Knowing exactly what, when and where you have products available enables you to better service your sales team and earn you more business. Powerful management of order processing, automated information flow and overview of your supply chain puts you in control.

Subscription Plan

The WiseFish subscription plan is designed with flexibility and customization in mind.

Developed by Industry Experts

WiseFish is developed and supported by a group of experts in multiple offices and several countries. It is backed by a large team of specialists, should you need training, consultation or help in making the most of the functionality offered by the system. Used by leading seafood businesses in over 20 countries around the world the system offers flexibility and capabilities that are derived from decades of experience and knowledge of best practices.

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