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New build of WiseFish was released 11.01.2021

Version control is WF14.07

NAV W1 ver. 14.0.32600 - cumulative update 01 (Application 32615)

Wise ended support for WF10, WF 11 and WF13 as of the release of version 14.01. Core development is now only done in WF14.
Key changes:

WF Core
WiseFish items can now be of type non inventory
Pallet inventory report has new filters.

WF Trade
New feature for intercompany functionality
View and reserve inventory in different companies
Back office functionality to close transaction across companies
Receipt agreement can be converted and posted as fishing trips
New fields on purchase agreement for fishing trip and vessel
Proforma invoices of delivery agreements can be emailed
New field, last date modified for external items.

WF Storage / Warehouse
Default Bin for purchase, output and storage items.

WF Processing
BOM can now do negative posting for Non-WF items
For producers who do not own the raw material produced nor the produced stock. New feature to receive and produce storage items
BOM cost improvement, total cost visible
For Lot Stages consumption distribution is suggested
Production agreements can be automatically set active once the first production is recorded.

WF Export
Export doc. NO and EDI status linked to pages.

WF Quality
Changes made to make it easier to register multiple inspections, decide what quality
details are shown on reports and better connection with sales, orders and pallets.

WF Peripherals
Automatic reading of Trackwell with JobQueue
Automatic set of “Unite of Measure Code” from “Sales Unit of Measure” for Delivery Agreement lines.

Bug fixes:
Various minor bug

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