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New build of WiseFish was released 01.03.2021  

Version control is WF14.08 

NAV W1 ver. 14.0.32600 - cumulative update 01 (Application 32615) 

Wise ended support for WF10, WF 11 and WF13 as of the release of version 14.01Core development is now only done in WF14.  

Key changes: 

  • WF Core 
  • New fields for inventory weight in reports and analyzer, they can now be reported for base weight as well as sales unit 
  • WF Trade 
  • Enable “General Cash Payment Customer” 
  • Sales cost template for agreements in multiple currencies  
  • New functionality to fetch dimensions from reserved stock to Sales Invoice 
  • Transfer tracking allowed without a scheduled trip 
  • Packing list report can show origin lot 
  • Credit order enhancement for agreements 
  • WF Fishing 
  • Oil consumption can be tracked and imported  
  • WF Logistics 
  • Change status of a trip based on the status of the loaded trade items on each reservation 
  • WF Intercompany 
  • New module released for intercompany 
  • WF Warehouse 
  • Enhancement of current functionality to scan in loading without pre-reservation 
  • WF Peripherals 
  • Trade Items can be picked of a pallet  
  • User validation in Innova integration to send to correct instance 
  • WF lots can create Innova PO’s 

Bug fixes: 

  • Various minor bug 

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