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New build of WiseFish was released 16.07.2021


Version control is WF14.09

NAV W1 ver. 14.0.32600 - cumulative update 01 (Application 32615)

Wise ended support for WF10, WF 11 and WF13 as of the release of version 14.01. Core development is now only done in WF14 and WF18.

Key changes:

  • WF Core
  • Enhancement on origin certificates when production has multiple origins and multiple production stages
  • New factbox for value of revaluation journals to display more weigh options
  • WF Trade
  • External document numbers can be edited after posting
  • Item cost can be distributed to origin lots instead of only production
  • New report Waybill for Bill of lading
  • WF Intercompany
  • Enhancements
  • Internal agreements factbox showing total quantity
  • WF Warehouse
  • New report for Coldstore Release
  • New feature to allow third party production to invoice through Storage Shipment Agreements
  • Extended functionality when copying Delivery Agreement to Storage Receipt Agreements
  • WF Peripherals
  • Quantity adjustments help when repacking irregular weight items


Bug fixes:

  • Various minor bug fix

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