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From catch to consumer: Introducing Green Accounting with Wisefish



Join us for a webinar as Wisefish introduces its solution in Green Accounting for the seafood industry. Discover how the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central release expands our ability to track and communicate the carbon footprint of seafood products, from catch to the consumer plate.

What we'll cover:

Business Central and Sustainability:
- Discover how Business Central has set up charts of sustainability accounts.
- Understand the framework for tracking environmental impacts within Business Central.

Extending functionalities with Wisefish:
- Detailed exploration of the new features in the next Business Central release that Wisefish is enhancing.
- How Wisefish distributes emissions data to trade items, enabling businesses to display the carbon footprint of sold products.
- How Wisefish will enable more features for Aquaculture.

Demo: From Catch to Customer:
- A walk-through of a fish’s journey from being caught at sea to its processing and transportation from Iceland to Barcelona.
- How each stage of the process contributes to the overall carbon footprint of the product, captured, and reported through Wisefish.
Power BI Reports:
- Demonstration of sustainability metrics to customers and stakeholders through Wisefish Insights.


Who Should Attend:

- Seafood industry professionals seeking to implement sustainability practices.
- Business owners and managers in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.
- Technology and ERP system users, especially those using Microsoft Business Central.


Key take aways:

- Understand the practical steps for deploying an effective Green Accounting system with Business Central.
- Gain insights into leveraging ERP systems for enhanced environmental reporting.


Join us for this enlightening session that promises to transform your approach to sustainability in the seafood industry. Empower your business with the tools to make a difference for the planet and your bottom line.



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