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Wisefish presents Green Accounting solution at Seafood Processing Global 2024



Wisefish will be at the Seafood Processing Global conference in Barcelona from April 23-25 where we will be presenting our Green Accounting. With the ever-growing importance of sustainable practices in our industry, Wisefish is dedicated to developing solutions that support our clients in meeting the evolving Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) compliance requirements.


What is the CSRD?

The CSRD is an EU directive mandating detailed sustainability reporting, marking a significant advancement towards fostering environmentally conscious corporate behaviour. At Wisefish, we're on the verge of completing a significant project to bolster this initiative. Instead of mere integration, we're extending our current systems and leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to craft a comprehensive Green Accounting solution. This enhancement aims to empower our clients in navigating the intricacies of CSRD compliance with greater ease.

In Fishing, we've been working on capturing various operational data, including fuel and electricity usage. We are calculating and allocating carbon emission factors related to each activity. This information is then assigned to catches, providing clarity and accountability from the point of landing.

In Processing, our emphasis lies in efficiently managing the consumption of trade items and related resources. Here, we meticulously calculate and assign the emissions stemming from activities such as electricity usage and packaging. This systematic allocation will offer a transparent view of the environmental impact associated with each product.

In Logistics, we track and report the journey of our seafood products. By detailing routes and transportation modes, each with their own emission factors, we aim to offer a clear picture of the transport-related environmental impact. This attention to detail reflects our commitment to environmental accountability in every delivery.


What does this offer?

It provides the essential tools for ESG reporting and facilitates the sharing of detailed environmental impact information with customers. Moreover, it introduces the opportunity for enhanced transparency with end consumers through an accessible web portal via QR codes or barcodes.


Enhancing Wisefish Insights with Power BI

To further support our solution, we're incorporating Power BI reports. This addition is not just about presenting data; it's about transforming it into actionable insights. With Power BI, our goal is to provide clients with a dynamic, intuitive platform to visualize and comprehend their sustainability data. These reports are tailored to make complex information accessible, facilitating informed decision-making and seamless communication of sustainability efforts, both internally and with stakeholders.


Let's Shape a Sustainable Future Together!

We're excited about the upcoming expansion of these features to encompass fish farming operations and warehouse management, each with its unique environmental considerations.

We're eager to share these developments in Barcelona, engage with peers, and gather feedback. Together, we can take steady steps towards fostering a more sustainable seafood industry.


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