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“Wisefish is an extremely reliable seafood ERP system.”

Sindre Myklebust, Sales Manager, Nils Sperre, shares his insights into their digital transformation journey and its impact.


Nils Sperre is a one-hundred-year-old family business founded in 1923. The company is a supplier of mainly pelagic fish, wet and dried salted fish, and frozen fish, and produce and export to countries all over the world in Asia, Europe, America, Africa.

Sindre Myklebust talks about his experience with Wisefish and how the Wisefish ERP solutions have improved over the years contributing to a profitable seafood operation.

Sindre started working for Nils Sperre 2012, the very same year they started to use the Wisefish ERP solution to manage all their seafood operations. In his main role, Sindre works as a Sales Manager, selling wet and dried salted fish all over the world, but mostly to the Caribbean and Brazil.

Besides his main role, he also holds the duties of an IT manager and is responsible for the company data and IT strategy. 

We interviewed Sindre and asked him a few questions about Nils Sperre’s experience with the Wisefish ERP solutions.

Nils Sperre has used the Wisefish ERP solutions for more than a decade to manage its seafood business. Was it difficult to move its operations into the cloud?

First, Wisefish is an extremely reliable ERP system, it has been up and running since we started using Wisefish back in 2012. We have now migrated from NAV2017 to BC21, and I can honestly say that there was no problem moving our operations into the cloud. Even though we made this transition in June this year, I can already see the benefits.

The speed of accessing data is faster today.

We are not concerned with data security as it is being hosted with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. We are very happy to not have to manage our own servers and infrastructure.

Today, we are more efficient in our daily operations, and we have better overview of key data, and control of what we are doing in production. For example, the stock availability and production yield.

With only a few months running our operations in the cloud, I can see only positive effects of our decision to move into the cloud.

Now that you are in the cloud, what’s next in the future for Nils Sperre?

We are looking to replace our current version of a Wise Analyzer with Wisefish Insights Power BI reports. This will make our data available in real-time, which will help our decision making and planning.

What is it like to work with Wisefish?

We are very happy with our cooperation with the Wisefish team. The support level is high, and we get the support we need to solve issues and get answers to our questions.

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