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The Euro-Baltic Fischverarbeitungs GmbH processing centre is located in the port of Sassnitz-Mukran on the German island Rügen, Germany. It operates one of the largest and most automated processing plants in the European fish processing industry.

The company's main focus is on processing demersal fish, primarily herring, and it produces a broad range of customer specific products. Euro-Baltic is a part of the Parlevliet and Van der Plas group (P&P) which consists of a number of enterprises operating fisheries and ocean carriers worldwide, distribution and storage facilities and production operations.

Parlevliet & Van der Plas B.V. and its German subsidiary companies Euro-Baltic FischverarbeitungsGmbH and German Seafrozen Fish Handelsgesellschaft mbH have been awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for the catching and processing of North Sea herring and Atlantic Scandian herring.


The NAV/WiseFish solution was implemented hand-in-hand with the initial startup of the factory in 2003 and has since been upgraded twice (2006/2010). The current system license allows 33 concurrent users.

WF Processing is used to control production orders, raw material usage and finished goods production within the plant - thus gaining full traceability of inventory and production costs. Various integration points have been established between WF Processing and Floor operations - where production data is delivered automatically via XML messages from various devices to WiseFish for further processing and reporting.

Euro-Baltic utilizes WF Trade to manage long range purchase- and sales agreements with multiple deliveries. WF Transport is used to plan and monitor individual shipments to customers (trips and trucks). Trade agreements furthermore provide the material for invoice generation against vendors and customers in WF Purchase and WF Sales.


Contact information for Euro-Baltic
Frank Klober
IT Manager
Tel +49 383 926 330

Euro-Baltic's quality team uses WF Quality for quality control (HACCP) and WF Claims for tracking responses from customers in order to systematically improve product quality and safety.

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