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Omicron Seafood

Omicron is a seafood producer operating out of Suriname.
Omicron acquires its raw materials from small fishing vessels, processes and distributed to various parts of the world.
Main products are various whole fish, fresh or frozen, fish fillets with or without skin, fish steaks etc.

A complete success in remote setup and installation

All installation of the WiseFish system, training and assistance to Omicron staff took place from the offices of Wise in Iceland. 
This was the very first time Wise installs WiseFish and WisePeripherials using remote data processing.The installation was a complete success in great cooperation with Omicron staff.

WiesFish Installation

View the full story here.

Omicron Seafood

Catch becomes Omicron Inventory

Captures from fishing trips are entered into WisePeripherials and the information is registered in WiseFish. After viewing the fishing trip, a landed fishing trip is created and posted.

The handling and production is recorded with WisePeripherials in the line production. The data is then transferred to WiseFish where it is posted and Product Inventory is created. 

WiseFish Peripherals at all stages

For Omicron, tracking the production is an important factor in the production line.  WisePeripherals is placed in strategic positions, connecting to scales and production systems on the shop floor, feeding live data to the WiseFish system.

The system can produce towards sales contracts or towards inventory and keeps track of fulfillment of contracts.


Throughout the production, the bin labels, box labels and pallet labels are created at weighing stations and printed out simultaneously.

Traceable Trade Items

Each Trade Item is traceable. With handheld devices it is possible to track the bins, boxes etc.


Contact information for Omicron Seafood
Corantijnstraat 48
Paramaribo, Suriname
tel: +597 400392

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