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For over 25 years, Tassal has brought delicious, fresh and healthy Tasmanian Atlantic salmon from its pristine waters to consumers plates. Today, Tassal is a leader in producing Atlantic salmon in Australia and employs over 800 people.

Since Tassal opened its marine sites in 1986, the company has grown from a privately-owned operation to a major public company listed on the ASX in November 2003.

Tassal is the first Australian aquaculture company of any species, and one of the first salmon farming companies in the world, to achieve Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for their Macquarie Harbour region.



Tassal implemented WiseFish in 2009-2010. It uses WiseFish to control its activity in 3 factories in Tasmania, Australia. WiseFish keeps track of harvested fish through the factories, and also keeps track of complex movements of seafood between the factories. One of the factories is for primary processing of salmon, and the others produce value-added products. Tassal sells to numerous supermarkets. Sales order handling at Tassal, and the way that sales drive processing orders, was one of the main challenges when WiseFish was implemented.

Tassal has put a lot of work into electronic communication and aims for paperless processes throughout their businesses. They implemented e-invoicing with their biggest customers, which not only eliminates paper but also speeds up processing and reduces non-value added work. In addition to this, several 3rd party warehouses and production facilities have been integrated using XML messages.


WiseFish Upgrade

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WiseFish - Tassal


Tassal’s ambition towards sustainability and best practices called for excellent software to move forward. The company had been using the WiseFish software for production, tracking, trading etc. since 2008. The upgrade has given them a platform to continue to grow the business.

WiseFish Tracking at all stages

For Tassal, tracking and traceability play an inherent role in the production. WisePeripherals is applied at every step of the way, throughout production to sales and transportation.

WisePeripherals is placed in strategic positions, connecting to scales and production systems on the shop floor, feeding live data to the WiseFish system. Handhelds in reception, production, export etc. are also connected.

The system can produce towards sales contracts or towards inventory and keeps track of fulfillment of contracts.

The Process

All production is palletized and given SSCC labels. The WiseFish user has full control of handling the pallets, whether it’s changing, mixing or splitting them. Each Trade Item on a pallet is traceable, and with handheld devices it is possible to track the pallets, trace, mix, transport, load onto “trips”, containers etc.


WiseFish offers full traceability, back and forth. The pallets and Trade Items in WiseFish are natural extensions of the standard NAV inventory system. If the WiseFish user records all the necessary information, the system offers full traceability, from raw materials to final products.


The WiseAgreements contain all information vital for the fishing industry. NAV purchasing and sales documents are created from Agreements to prevent double data entry.

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